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Dirt bike in the snow

Here's a picture of a Timbersled at Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado! Riding these machines is a blast, but don't tip over. Getting the machine back up can be a big hassle when you're up to your waist in snow.

Forested view of Silver Island Lake

Here's a glowing portrait of a small dock on Silver Island Lake, near the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. There are so many small campsites in the area that are great for portaging canoes and fishing for trout.

A grouse sitting on a four-wheeler

My family's grouse buddy! Ruffed Grouse make a sound with their wings that resembles thumping (similar to some vehicle's exhaust noises). We're not exactly sure why this little guy is so comfortable around us. When he hears our four-wheeler in the woods, he'll just hop right on for a ride! He'll come watch my dad work in the woods, even without the noise of the four-wheeler.

A ship passing underneath the Aerial Lift Bridge

The Aerial Lift Bridge lifts as the Tim S. Dool passes underneath. If you're ever in Duluth, checkout the ship schedule and witness a ship enter the harbor!

Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum

This partially sunken building in Lake Superior is known as Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum. It was built by a man named Harvey Whitney in 1919 as a hopper to move gravel and sand from ships to the shore, without having to enter the busy Duluth harbor. After only three years, the building was abandoned, after Whitney ran out of capital to continue the operation.

A chainsaw carved fish totem

This is a chainsaw-carved fish totem that my grandpa McCormick made. Just one of the many chainsaw carvings my grandpa made. It sits at the town park in Emily, MN.